Welcome to the Ascension Egypt Tour!


Welcome fellow travelers on the Journey of Ascension. You are about to experience a grand initiation. Many have a curiosity to see the world’s greatest ancient civilization, but you who have signed up to be a part of this expedition have heard the call, beckoning your spirit home to its eternal essence.  This immersive experience into the ancient mysteries will remove the veil to your true inner powerNow is the time…

The adventure begins upon your arrival in Cairo where you will be transported to your luxurious hotel at the foot of the Great Pyramid. We will spend 10 days meditating, contemplating and tuning in to the higher levels of consciousness that are encoded in these ancient sites. As we keep our eyes open, our ears listening, our hearts humble, and our mind awake  – our spirit is set free.

The focus of this sacred pilgrimage is the process of conscious evolution — a gift to your soul.

As we open the human psyche, we reconnect to our cosmic family. Ancient stargates were designed by Masters who knew our destiny was of the stars. These stone structures reflect the interdependent relationships between the realm above, our human dimension and the domain of the Earth. Egypt is a living treasury of ancient knowledge. Her secrets will unlock your multidimensional nature. Her temples connect us beyond the physical body, emotional dramas and mental indulgences. We are here to activate the ancient portals of ascension, bringing down light codes to our planetary home.

According to Dr. JJ Hurtak’s book The Keys of Enoch®, Egypt is the blueprint of the human chakra system.  The Ancients knew the flow of the Nile River symbolizes the movement of energy up our spine. They strategically placed temples along the river corresponding to the major chakra points, leading us to new levels of awakening.  

Egypt, originally known as the land of Khem meaning black Earth, is where  the al-c(k)hem-y begins. These temples were built as alchemical agents for turning lead into gold, the body into light—transforming the individual into a spiritual initiate. This process culminates in the ascension of the body, mind and soul, also known as “The Great Work”.

When we honor our eternal nature, we can restore the principles of harmony, unity and consciousness.  Now is the time for humanity to awaken to the reality of our  cosmic heritage. 

We welcome you on this sacred pilgrimage. Portal to Ascension has a commitment to be your guide to unfolding and revealing the gifts you have given your soul on this journey of remembrance. 

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