Egypt Tour
Videos & Resources

Egypt Tour
Videos & Resources

Enjoy all these videos and resources to discover more about Ancient Egypt
from our illustrious teachers at Portal To Ascension.

Journey Along the Nile

by Fritz Heede and J.J. Hurtak

Special songs and a powerful meditation that takes the participate on a Journey to many of the sites we will be visiting.

Contains pictures of first discovery of the underground Tomb of Osiris and underground tombs of Egypt. Discusses their possible  uses for gas storage.

10 Most Incredible Finds in Egypt That Scare Scientists

Ancient Egypt & Star
Beings Connection

Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak
on Human Empowerment

Brien Foerster: Ancient Egypt
Technology & Updates

JJ & Desiree Hurtak:
The Cosmic Christ

Tricia McCannon:
Egypt and Hermetic Wisdom

William Henry:
Sacred Egypt Day 2

Graham Hancock on The Giza Pyramid's UNBELIEVABLE Casing Blocks #shorts

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